About Today’s Kid

My daughter started dressing herself when she was about two years old.  A few months later, she very firmly refused to take my hints on what she should wear, and that was that.  She has always had an eclectic sense of style, and after I got over the initial shock of not having a say in the matter, let her run with it.  As long as she was appropriately covered for the seasons, she had free reign.

I wish I had started taking pictures of her right away…I started documenting her daily choices a few months ago and posted them on my wall in facebook.  I got such positive responses from my friends, some of whom would wait for the daily update, (and who’d send me nasty messages if I forgot to post a pic), that I decided to dedicate a blog to her daily style.  Every now and then, her brother would get in the picture and so, in order to be fair, I named the blog, Today’s Kid.

I have created a gallery of the daily pictures taken to date, stored here: “Yesterday’s Girl.”

I hope you get as much joy as I do, watching my daughter show her individual sense of style with all the confidence and pride of a girl who knows what she wants and is not willing to stand for anything less.

May she have that confidence, all through her life…


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