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Today’s girl: the sock monkey attacks!

8 May


Today’s girl: Gardening

6 May

Today’s girl: lounging at the park

8 Apr

Today’s girl: Easter Egg Hunt

7 Apr

Today’s Girl: Beachcombing

6 Apr

Today’s Girl: Crazy Shopper Alert!

18 Mar

Today’s Girl: How do I look?

10 Mar


Today’s girl.

15 Jan

Learning to sew!

Today’s kid

30 Nov


Best of both worlds…

27 Nov

Confession: I love CourtneyCourtney dresses!  Courtney Chu is an extremely talented designer of upcycled children’s and doll wear.  She takes found fabrics (old tee shirts, skirts, whatever!) and repurposes them into one-of-a-kind dresses for girls.  My only sore point is that she hasn’t branched out into the grown-up market!

Anjali has quite a few CC dresses and loves them all…her current favorite is a pink/grey/black confection that is my favorite too:

I was so thrilled when CC posted recently about a collaboration effort between her and a doll designer, Jennifer Vallez of Sophie and Lili.  I ordered a S&L doll wearing Anjali’s favorite CC dress and her boots du jour…can’t wait to see the end result.

Here’s something to hold you over until then…


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